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Council - SM


7:30 PM

The Township Council of the Township of Washington will hold virtual Special Public Meetings with remote public comment on the following day(s):
Thursday, January 13, 2022: 7:30 pm
This Special Meeting was called pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act. Notice of this meeting was emailed and provided to The Bergen Record and Ridgewood News, on January 4, 2022.  In addition, copies of said notice was posted on the bulletin board in the Municipal Complex, posted on the Township Web Site, WCTV and the electronic message board.  A copy is on file in the office of the Township Clerk.
Due to the COVID-19 virus, this meeting will be virtual and the public will not be allowed to attend in person, however, members of the public may join the meeting via ZOOM, from a computer, tablet, or smart phone by going to the following website, for the link and phone numbers to join the webinar
Proper notice having been given; the Township Clerk is directed to include this statement in the minutes of this meeting.
The purpose of this meeting is to conduct the following business and any other items that may be on the agenda.
Introduction of two Bond Ordinances authorizing and providing
for the acquisition and financing of two parcels of land
 located in the Township of Washington
Formal action may or may not be taken at this meeting.
This meeting is open to the public, subject to the applicable provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act (N.J.S.A.10:4-6 et. Seq.)