2020 Resolutions

Recently Adopted Resolutions :  
Resolution   Description Adopted
R-20-101   Township Planner 1/06/20
R-20-102   Bonding Attorney 1/06/20
R-20-103   Township Engineer 1/06/20
R-20-104   Township Engineering Service 1/06/20
R-20-105   Municipal Judge 1/06/20
R-20-106   Municpal Prosecutor 1/06/20
R-20-107   Special Labor Attorney 1/06/20
R-20-108   Library Board of Trustees 1/06/20
R-20-109   Planning Board Class III Council Representative 1/06/20
R-20-111   Public Defender 1/06/20
R-20-112   Municipal Court Administrator 1/06/20
R-20-113   Registrar of Vital Statistics 1/06/20
R-20-114   Temporary Budget cy 2020 1/06/20
R-20-115   Designate Time and Place 2020 Council Meetings 1/06/20
R-20-116   Designate Official Newspapers 2020 1/06/20
R-20-117   Cancelling Small Balances 1/06/20
R-20-118   Cash Management Plan 1/06/20
R-20-119   Fixing the Rate of Interest for Delinquent Taxes 1/06/20
R-20-120   Confirmation of Change Funds 1/06/20
R-20-121   Co-Op Pricing Agt with Educational Srvs Comm of NJ 1/06/20
R-20-122   Co-Op Pricing Agt Hunterdon Cty Ed Srvs Comm Coop 1/06/20
R-20-123   SSA Hillsdale Child Health Conf Services 1/06/20
R-20-124   Interlocal Svc Agt Pd Mutual Aid-Rapid Deploy Force 1/06/20
R-20-125   Affirmation of Twp Civil Rights Policy 1/06/20
R-20-126   Public Agency Compliance Officer PACO 1/06/20
R-20-127   Appl Tonnage Grant Designate Recycling Coordinator 1/06/20
R-20-128   Co Op Pricing Agt Sourcewell 1/06/20
R-20-129   Designate Autho Signatures on CDBG 1/06/20
R-20-130   Waste Water Collecxtion System Operator 1/06/20
R-20-131   Fire Dept Mutual Aid Agt 1/06/20
R-20-132   NWBRHC Award Public Health 1/20/20
R-20-133   Certify Compliance US EEO Commission 1/06/20
R-20-134   Director of Finance 1/20/20
R-20-135   Director of Law 1/20/20
R-20-136   Director of Public Safety 1/20/20
R-20-137   Director of Recreation 1/20/20
R-20-138   Intro 20-01 Amend Salary Ord 2019 1/20/20
R-20-139   Transfer Amend 19-334 1/20/20
R-20-140   Shared Service BCUA Certified Recycling 1/20/20
R-20-141   Fire Dept. Mutual Aid HHK Paramus 1/20/20
R-20-142   Refund Tax Appeal 531 Mountain Ave 1/20/20
R-20-143   Escrow Refund 279 Pascack Rd. 1/20/20
R-20-144   Escrow Refund 777 Washington Ave 1/20/20
R-20-145   Escrow Refund 115 Hickory St 1/20/20
R-20-146   Escrow Refund 145 President Rd 1/20/20
R-20-147   Escrow Refund 477 Van Emburgh 1/20/20
R-20-148   Refund Tax Appeal Habitat for Humanity 1/20/20
R-20-149   Pay, Ent of Bills 12/31/19-1/16/20 1/20/20
R-20-150   Performance Guarantee Reduction Stagger Lee 1/20/20
R-20-151   Amend Temporary Budget CY 2020 1/20/20
R-20-152   Ratify PBA Coll Barg Agt 2019-2022 1/20/20
R-20-153   Fire Truck Houston Galveston Co-op 1/20/20
R-20-154   Application Execution Hourson Galveston Co-op 1/20/20