A Message from the Mayor

3/25/20 -  I hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. I am proud to report that I have heard from many people since the start of this crisis, and I can say that our residents are truly the best! Many are reaching out to their neighbors in need and offering help in any way possible while maintaining their best CDC practices and keeping social distance. I’ve seen many examples of people helping people on some of the Facebook pages that our Town residents put information out on.
I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure the residents that myself and the administrator, as well as the heads of the emergency services, office of emergency management, and all Town employees are in constant communication with one another and our counterparts at the county and state level. All appropriate measures are being implemented to manage the township through this crisis. As of this moment we have 9 confirmed cases and unfortunately 1 fatality in Washington Township. While I am realistic that this number may continue to rise, I will hope and pray with all of you that it will be minimal and that those directly affected will be ok.
We will continue to update the Townships information sources. So please consult the townships website and Facebook pages for the most updated information. We are making use of the Swiftreach telephone, text and email service to disseminate more information. If you aren’t signed up for this service, please go to the townships website and sign up. 
You can reach out to me any time through my email address with any questions or concerns you may have.
Stay safe! Practice social distancing! Stay calm and remember we will get through this together!


Dear Residents,

3/13/20 - The safety of our residents is our top priority and a declaration of a National Emergency regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a matter that we are taking very seriously here in Washington Township.

We have been consistently meeting to educate our staff as well as to carefully receive, discuss and implement state mandated instructions.

The current state of emergency and health crisis facing our nation has led us to the following changes which went into effect at 4PM on March 13th and until further notice:

  • The municipal building is closed to the public. However, municipal functions will still be operational and borough employees will be available via phone or email.
  • All Township parks and fields will be closed to organized and non-organized sporting and private events.
  • All Child and Senior Recreation programs are cancelled until further notice.
  • The Township Library will be closed until further notice.
  • Please check with your House of Worship regarding potential cancelling of services.
  • For additional and updated information please visit the Township website at www.twpofwashington.us.


Coronavirus spreads through contact with respiratory droplets caused by coughing and sneezing. You should be using the same prevention methods as you would to avoid a common cold or the flu. The best ways to protect yourself include:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
  • Try to avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Try to keep 6 feet away.
  • Stay home from school or work when you are sick.

Because it is still cold and flu season urgent care centers continue to see a significant number of patients with symptoms like fever, cough and body aches. Right now, if you’re feeling ill, it is still much more likely to be a cold or the flu rather than the coronavirus. As with the flu, most people who get coronavirus only experience mild viral symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle pain or weakness, and fatigue, and will experience a complete recovery.


If you are in respiratory distress, call 911. If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of respiratory infection, call Your primary care physician. Do not call for an emergency transport.

We encourage residents to remain calm, kind and mindful to others in need (check on your elderly neighbors) and use the following resources from the New Jersey and New York Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prepare and prevent the spread of infection.

NJ Department of Health:
• 24-hour public hotline: 1-800-222-1222
• Website: https://www.nj.gov/health/…/topics/covid2019_resources.shtml

NY Department of Health:
• Coronavirus Hotline: 1-888-364-3065
• Website: https://www.health.ny.gov/diseases/communicable/coronavirus/

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
• Website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

Your cooperation at this time is imperative while we manage to get through this crisis together.

As always, I encourage you to reach out to my office and staff if you have any questions or concerns and remember that kindness and common sense go a long way. I wish all township residents the very best in health, a positive attitude and a strong sense of community as we get through this together!

Mayor Peter Calamari