Emergency Svcs Bldg Plan

EMS Building Update - 11/8/22 As the accompanying visual shows, and I am pleased and proud to report, the new ESB is currently at or below the budget allocated for the project. Work is also being done to restore the commuter parking lot. We do not anticipate any expenses that would exceed the current balance of $520, 096. It should also be noted that the cost to demolish and remove the old firehouse is included in the contract with Tekcon Construction. The Fire Department is moved in and their operations are now being conducted from the new building. Due to parking concerns at the site, the Ambulance Corp has graciously agreed to hold off on operating from the new building until the old building is removed and the parking area is restored. This has been a team effort and a shining example of what is possible when we work together to make great things happen. I would like to thank the Council members who voted to fund the project and Building Committee members who attended so many meetings, always brought their tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm and passion for the project and who did countless hours of work in between. Each of your contributions, individually and collectively, have been invaluable and contributed to making this long overdue necessity, A REALITY! My sincerest THANK YOU to you all!

Mayor Peter Calamari

  EMS Building Funding History     EMS Building Spending History  
Ord. 17-04 BOND Ordinance Various Improvements Total -$2,946,123 ($986.800 FH)                            - Tekcon Construction - $5,367,334.00
  Unanimously approved by Bruno, Cascio, Cumming, Desena & Ullman     Robbie Conley Architect - $448,186.00
Ord. 18-21 Amended Original Bond Ord 17-04 Firehouse Funding $986,800.00   JCT (Building Access System) - $80,000.00
  Unanimously approved by Bruno, Cascio, Cumming, Desena & Ullman     Clean Air (Vehicle Exhaust Systems) - $65,000.00
Ord. 19-19 BOND Ord Emergency Services Facility - $6M $6,000,000.00   Boswell Engineering - $43,095.00
  Approved by Bruno, Cascio, Cumming, DeSena, and a no vote by Ullman     Red House on the property demolition - $20,000.00
Ord. 21-09 BOND Ordinance Various Projects $1.9M (Fire Dept. Exhaust System) $63,000.00   Regional Communications (Antenna Installation) -  $13,437.00
  Unanimously approved by Cascio, DeSena, Feeney, Morgan & Sears     Suez Water - $7,652.00
  Authorized Total $7,049,800.00   Azzolina Engineering -  $5,000.00
        Other Miscellaneous Expenditures – Less than  $150,000.00
        Remaining major expenditures currently known:  
  The specs and costs to restore a commuter parking lot to the site are      Final payment to Tekcon -  $315,000.00
  currently being worked on. We do not expect the cost for this and any     Air Compressor System $15,000.00
  other additional expenses to exceed the difference of $520,096.00     Total $6,529,704.00
        *Numbers are approximations