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Office of the Tax Assessor
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   Office Hours: Tax Assesssor can be reached by phone, email or
   in person on Wednesdays from 11:45 am - 2:00 pm


2022 Tax Appeals
Assessment Appeals can be filed with the Bergen County Board of Taxation.

Due to the concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19, the Bergen County Board of Taxation is closed to the public with only essential staff in the buildings. They ask anyone filing an appeal of their 2022 property assessment to utilize the online filing option. Please Click Here to File Online. 

Additional information is available on the Board website:
Bergen County Board of Taxation
Two Bergen County Plaza - 1st Floor
Hackensack, NJ 07601-7076
Tax Assessor Responsibilities
The main function of the Tax Assessor’s Office is the appraisal and evaluation of all land and buildings within the municipality for tax purposes, according to state statutes. Additional duties include maintaining property transfers, keeping current ownership updated, checking building permits that have been issued and maintaining current values.

The Tax Assessor approves applications for Veteran Deductions and Tax Exemption applications for Disabled Veterans and non-profit organizations.

The Tax Assessor prepares the Added and Omitted Assessment List that includes all new construction that has been completed within the tax year, and represents the Township in all tax appeals before the Bergen County Board of Taxation and the Tax Court of New Jersey.

Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights

P. L. 2017, c. 128.

The Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights ensures that: 1) All property taxpayers are accorded the basic rights of fair and equitable treatment under the State Constitution and laws of New Jersey; 2) All property taxpayers receive the information and assistance they need to understand and meet their property tax responsibilities.

Services to Property Taxpayers
As a property taxpayer, you have the right to obtain information explained in simple, nontechnical terms about:

  • Your responsibilities and rights as a property owner and property taxpayer;

  • Your real property assessment and how it is determined and calculated;

  • Your right to appeal and how to appeal an assessment you believe is incorrect as to your property or as to another property in the same county and the time limits involved;

  • Your right, in the context of a property tax appeal, to view the property record card of other real property in the municipality;

  • Responsiveness You have the right to expect questions will be responded to within a reasonable amount of time;

  • Statements and Notices You have the right to expect all notices you receive will clearly identify the purpose of the communication and the proper procedure when responding;

Property Tax Relief Programs
The State of New Jersey offers several programs for property tax relief. You may be eligible for one or more of these:

  • Deduction for Senior Citizens and disabled persons

  • Deduction for Veterans with active wartime service

  • Homestead Rebate for homeowners

  • NJ SAVER Rebate

  • Property Tax Reimbursement, a freeze on taxes for Senior Citizens

Each of the above listed benefits have specific eligibility criteria and filing deadlines.

Tax Appeals

Taxpayers who disagree with their property’s assessment have the right to appeal to the Bergen County Board of Taxation on or before April 1 or 45 days from the date the Assessment Notifications are mailed by the taxing district, whichever is later. Appeal forms can be requested from the Bergen County Board of Taxation, or can be downloaded in PDF format:
    County Tax Board Petition of Appeal        
    Bergen County Tax Appeal Filing Packet
    Added Added-Omitted Assessment Petition of Appeal

If the property is assessed for more than $1,000,000 the taxpayer can appeal directly to the N.J. State Tax Court. If you are dissatisfied with the judgment of the Bergen County Board of Taxation, you may file an appeal with the N.J. State Tax Court within 45 days from the date of the final judgment.
If you have recently purchased your home, please provide us with a copy of the closing statement and any multiple listing reports.

If you have not recently purchased your home, it is highly recommended you supply an appraisal by a NJ-licensed real estate appraiser to determine the value of the property as of October 1st of previous year.