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Virtual Memorial Day Parade


10:00 AM

The regular parade has been cancelled due to COVID-19 BUT.......Be part of Washington Township’s first Virtual Memorial Day Parade! Residents are welcome to decorate their porches in Red, White, and Blue in honor of our Veterans, Frontline Workers, First Responders and Essential Employees!

Please submit a photo of your decorated porch, with or without your family in the picture, or a 5-10 second maximum video recording of gratitude. A compilation of the submissions will air on WCTV the week of Memorial Day 2020.  In the email include your family’s name and any other pertinent information.

Entries may not be controversial or political in nature. All submissions will become property of the Township of Washington. Use of your image, video, and details are at the sole discretion of the Memorial Day Parade Committee. Your submissions constitute your consent and waiver for the Township to use and publish all materials furnished by you.