Township Clerk

Susan WitkowskiTownship Clerk / Registrar of Vital Statistics
Cornelia Lisa - Assistant to the Clerk
Phone: (201) 664 - 4425
Located in Room: 202 - 2nd Floor

Hours: •  Monday: 8:30 am to 7:30 pm  •  Tues/Wed/Thurs: 8:30am - 4:30 pm  •  Friday: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

• 2020 Dog / Cat License Registration Form
Reminder - All dog / cat licenses due 1/31/2020 - ADDITIONAL $25 LATE FEES begin 3/1/20

TREE REMOVAL - *PLEASE READ BEFORE ANY WORK IS DONE If you are planning on removing trees on your property, review our ordinance & complete the Tree Removal Permit Application PRIOR to doing so.
The Township Clerk and support staff serve as liaison between the governing officials and the taxpayers. The Township Clerk is charged with the following statutory duties:
Secretary to the Governing Body:
  • Prepare meeting agenda at the discretion of the Governing Body, be present at all meetings of the Governing Body
  • Keep an official record of the proceedings of every meeting, retain the original copies of all minutes, ordinances and resolutions
  • Process, record, file and when necessary, advertise ordinances, resolutions, and municipal budget
  • Handles municipal correspondence
  • Administers and records Oaths of Office
  • Maintains custody of all official records that are not specifically handled by other departments
  • Acts as a liaison to the public and correspondent on behalf of the Governing Body.
  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation:
Custodian of Municipal Seal:
  • Maintain custody of all minutes, books, deeds, bonds, contracts and archival records of the municipal corporation.
  • Maintain receipt of service of legal documents.
Chief Administrative Officer of All Elections: (held in the municipality)
  • Certifies vacancies existing on the local level
  • Maintains receipt of nominating petitions and certification to the County Clerk of local candidates nominated by petition
  • Exercises quasi-judicial authority in determining the validity of petitions
  • Conducts drawing for position of candidates on the local ballot
  • Furnishes material for local elections
  • Suggests polling places to Election Board
  • Maintains receipt of election results
  • Certifies to County Clerk persons elected to partisan County Committee offices in each election district
  • Tallies the votes and certifies election results for local School Board election, Primary and General elections
Chief Registrar of Voters: Administrative Officer:
  • Issues licenses (ABC liquor, bingo, raffles, peddlers, limousine, landscapers, towing, amusement games, trailer park, etc.) Applications
  • Issue assessment search certificates
  • Handle resident inquiries
  • Serve as information officer to the public and to the media
  • Purchases supplies and equipment when required
  • Directs correspondence and inquiries to various departments for action
  • Conducts business with other municipal departments as needed and as directed by the Governing Body
Records Coordinator and Manager:
  • Responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs as mandated by law
  • Custodian of Government Records
  • Provide copies of Ordinances/resolutions and other information as requested by public and personnel (OPRA) Request for Public Records
Other Services include, but not limited to:  

• 2020 BC Satellite Office and Passport Outreach Services & Mobile Motor Vehicle Center Dates - click here - on hold due to COVID-19


The Clerk's office provides notary service.
Identification is required.
•  Do NOT sign your document until you are in the presence of the notary.


Clean and plentiful water is important to our families, our environment, our economy and our quality of life. Did you know that animal waste from pets can pollute our waters? When left on the ground, pet waste is washed by rain and melting snow and ice into storm drains that carry it to our rivers, lakes, the ocean and drinking water.  Animal waste contains a high concentration of nutrients as well as bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms that can cause problems.

What you can do

Pet owners or anyone who takes your pet for walks must properly dispose of the waste by picking it up, wrapping it and either placing it in the trash or flushing it unwrapped down the toilet. Your municipality is required to adopt and enforce local pet-waste laws. At a minimum, your community must require that pet owners or their keepers immediately and properly dispose of their pet’s solid waste deposited on any public or private property not owned or possessed by that person. People with assistance animals such as Seeing Eye dogs are exempt.

Make sure you know what your municipality requires – and follow it.
Thank you for doing your part to keep New Jersey’s waters clean.

For more information, please contact the following:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Water Quality
Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control
Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program
(609) 633-7021
Visit or

Additional information is also available at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Web sites or www.epa.gove/nps