Municpal Alliance Committee

Municipal Alliance Committee 

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Vision Statement
The Township of Washington Municipal Alliance seeks a well-informed community and a community which is free of alcohol/substance abuse.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Township of Washington Municipal Alliance is to educate all members of the community and recognize that alcohol/substance abuse touches all; the MA will work to involve the public with programs/information that is available.

♦Municipal Alliance Bylaws

♦Lacey Township teen overdoses on new synthetic drug known as 'N-Bomb'

April is Alcohol Awareness Month - Help for Today.  Hope for Tomorrow

The 2014 theme, "Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow," is designed to draw attention to the pervasive impact that alcohol, alcoholism and alcohol-related problems have on young people, our friends, families and communities and to highlight the reality that help is available and that recovery is possible.

FACT: The stigma associated with problem drinking prevents millions of individuals and family members from seeking help!

FACT: 5.3 million adults − 36% of those under correctional supervision at the time − were drinking at the time of their conviction offense

FACT: Drinkers who consume alcohol mixed with energy drinks are 3 times more likely to binge drink (based on breath alcohol levels) than drinkers who do not report mixing alcohol with energy drinks).

FACT: Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States- 17.6 million people, or one in every 12 adults, suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence along with several million more who engage in risky, binge drinking patterns that could lead to alcohol problems.

FACT:  More than half of all adults have a family history of alcoholism or problem drinking, and more than 7 million children live in a household where at least one parent is dependent on or has abused alcohol.

FACT:  Approximately 13.5% of Bergen County residents drink alcohol by the age of 14.

FACT: Every year in the U.S., roughly 5,000 people under the age of 21 die from an alcohol-related incident including car crashes, homicides, suicides, alcohol poisoning, and other related injuries.
FACT: Bergen County falls among the top two counties with the highest alcohol related arrests; especially among adults and juveniles 

FACT: One quarter of all emergency room admissions, one-third of all suicides, and more than half of all homicides and incidents of domestic violence are alcohol related.
     Let us provide Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow. The Bergen County Office of Alcohol and Drug Dependency can provide you or someone you know with information, resources and/or referrals for treatment regardless of ability to pay. Please call us at 201-634-2740.
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