Mtg. Dates / Agendas / Minutes

Last updated on June 18, 2021
Township Council Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted by *. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers of the Municpal Complex located at 350 Hudson Avenue.

Agendas posted here are for advice only and may change up until the time of the meeting. Minutes of a particular Council Meeting will be posted when they are released by the Township Clerk's office. Meeting dates followed by an (SM) indicate a Special Meeting.

Upon receipt by the Township Clerk of a written request setting forth the name and address of the person making the request, the Clerk shall send to such person by regular mail, or by electronic means, between the date of such request and December 31st next ensuing, a copy of the meeting schedule.

*At this time due to the pandemic, a
ll Mayor & Council meetings will be held virtually via the Zoom platform.  Access information and meeting times may be obtained by clicking on the associated agenda link below. 
In addition, our Council Meetings are live streamed and may be viewed on WCTV's cable channels: Optimum - Channel 77 and FIOS - Channel 24 or their YouTube channel. To view the council meetings live, go to WCTVNJ'S YouTube here and click on channel "Township Council Meetings". The YouTube live stream will be available to view during the live council meeting.
     2021 Council Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes
          2021 Signed Resolution Table - 
click here
       2021 Ordinance Hearing Schedule - click here


Date    Agendas   Proposed Resolutions             Minutes
01/04/21 - SD    Agenda            Minutes
01/04/21 - RO   Agenda          Minutes
01/19/21*   Agenda     Minutes
02/01/21   Canceled      -
02/06/21-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
02/13/21-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
02/16/21*   Agenda     Minutes
02/20/21-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
02/27/21-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
03/01/21   Canceled     -
3/4/21 *M&C/ Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
03/06/21*-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
03/08/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
03/11/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
03/15/21*-Budget Mtg     Agenda     Minutes
03/18/21*-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
03/22/21*-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
03/25/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
04/05/21              Agenda     Minutes
04/12/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
04/13/21*-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
04/19/21   Agenda     Minutes
04/26/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
04/28/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
04/29/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
05/03/21             Agenda     Minutes
05/10/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
05/12/21*-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
05/13/21*-Budget Mtg   Canceled     -
05/17/21   Agenda     Minutes
05/24/21*-Budget Mtg   Agenda     Minutes
05/27/21*-Budget Intro   Agenda     Minutes
06/09/21*   Agenda   R-21-224 - 21-228 Minutes
06/21/21   Agenda   R-21-229 -21-253 Minutes
6/24/21*-Budget Adopt   Agenda     Minutes
07/12/21*   Agenda     Minutes
08/09/21*   Agenda     Minutes
08/30/21*   Agenda     Minutes
09/20/21   Agenda     Minutes
10/04/21   Agenda     Minutes
10/18/21   Agenda     Minutes
11/08/21*   Agenda     Minutes
12/06/21   Agenda     Minutes
12/20/21   Agenda     Minutes

Please visit the calendar for additional information and start time.