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Want to join the Green Team or Volunteer? 

8/8/21 - The Green 🟢 Team is applying for a Grant 💰 from EZ Ride, a State program, for a Bike 🚲 Route‼️ We need your help though. First, we need to audit all routes to schools, parking lots, cross streets and Hazards to biking and walking. Below is a link 🔗 for a survey we need as many residents as possible to take.

Please take a minute ⏳ to fill out the survey to help us secure the Grant. We appreciate your time and support!

05/01/21 - Great News! After submitting dates and projects to the State and County for our Earth Day and waterway cleanup,  the following projects wer accepted and approved:
  • May 15th for Lincoln Park and water way .
  • May 22nd Clark field cleanup and planting flowers .
The County has approved our grant request and we will receive a $400.00 grant. The State will supply all cleanup materials grant money pending.
Happy Earth Day 2021 from the Township of Washington Green Team! While the world continues to heal from the current pandemic, many events and projects now back up and running and scheduled. We just held a paper shredding event and have our tree seedling events coming up. The watershed and park clean ups have been funded and are also now on the calendar! Our styrofoam recycling program opened back up in December of 2020 at  the DPW so make sure you take advantage!  We look forward to continuing these and other projects as we continue to move forward in our recovery from the virus. We thank you for all of your support and look forward to bettering our environment and Township of Washington together!

The Green Team recieves letter and Certificate of Approval for the succesful completion of an approved Community Forestry Management Plan in accordance with the New Jersey Shade Tree and Community Forestry Assistance Act.  Click here for more information. 

Summary of N.J. Idling Requirements for Motor Vehicles

PEST ALERT - Emerald Ash Borer - Warning, this metallic green insect infests and kills ash trees - all ash species are susceptible. witht he exceptionof mountain ash. 

RECYCLING RULES REMINDER - Plastic bags are NOT recyclable and you may not put your recyclables in plastic bags. You should put bottles, cans and containers loose in a barrel or bin. Bottles, cans and containers must be rinsed of all food and liquid. Containers with food and liquid residue are considered contamination. Plastic bags are considered contamination.  We have been advised that we will be charged $175 per ton if the Township’s recycling has contamination. You may click here to view Waste Management's Recycling Quality Policy letter. Please do your best to comply with the rules. For more information, visit Thank you for your continued efforts!


• 4/25 - Waterway and Park Cleanup has been canceled with a reschedule date pending .

• 5/01 - Community Garden Start up has been postponed until further notice .


STYROFOAM COLLECTION DRIVE - The Westwood Reg. Middle School Environmental Club conducted a post-Holiday Styrofoam collection drive that was a big success.   Prior to the school holiday break, the 6th and 7th grade social studies teachers conducted mini-lessons on the types of Styrofoam that can be recycled.  Tom Sears of the Washington Twp. Green Team provided the school with an excellent Styrofoam recycling display which the teachers were able to use to help students differentiate between the different types of Styrofoam as well as the hazards of putting Styrofoam into the landfills. Club members posted signs and advertised the Styrofoam drive on the electronic bulletin boards and Principal LaForgia promoted the effort on the school social media outlets.  The response from students and faculty was overwhelming and over two large, portable dumpster bags were filled with Styrofoam.   

NEW - STYROFOAM COLLECTION BIN - The Township of Washington Green Team is starting a new Styrofoam recycling program begining Saturday December 14th. Our Department of Municipal Facilities will now accept EPS foam sheets, coolers and packaging to be recycled during regular operating hours. (Saturdays 9:00 AM-1:00 PM and Tuesdays 7:00 AM-3:00 PM) This program is open to all Township residents (non commercial) for drop off at the DMF yard by ecology permit (DMF sticker) only. This program was funded by a Grant from the State. Please click here for futher information on the types of acceptable styrofoam.

 RECYCLE YOUR OLD CELL PHONES - The Township Green Team would like to introduce the Cell Phone E-Cycling Bin located in the lobby of Town Hall. If you have old cell phones, drop them off in the bin and they will be recycled. *Please remember to remove any data on your phone.

The Green Team is always looking for suggestions and support for events (e.g., recipe exchange, gardening group) and outreach (needy, churches, rehabs, etc.) Please email us if you'd like to contribute in any way.