In Memory of Vito Trause

A Message from Mayor Peter Calamari:

It’s with great sadness that I share the following.

Our Township and everyone in it suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of Vito Trause today. Words can not possibly come close to expressing what he meant to everyone who knew him. He was the fabric of this community, it’s heart and it’s soul. A town father in every sense of the word, he embodied what is best in all of us. Those who knew Vito will never forget his laugh and smile and spirit. A day was always better for having spent time in his presence. I never met or knew anyone who loved and appreciated people the way Vito did! And we loved and appreciated him right back! Whether you met him for five minutes, or were privileged to know him your whole life, I am confident you’ll never forget him. I know I won’t! For those who didn’t know him, please take the time to read about this man and his life. He personified the GREATEST GENERATION!
Vito, we will miss you....and we will see you again....PAL! 

Click here for Vito's story in his own words courtesy of WCTV.

*Funeral Arrangements for Vito may be found by clicking here