Closures & Cancellations Due to COVID-19

CLOSURES & CANCELLATIONS:  the following has been decided to mitigate the potential transmission of COVID-19 in our area

• MUNICIPAL BUILDING is CLOSED to the public however, you may reach all offices by phone and email.  Please note, Township Offices and the DPW will be CLOSED to all employees on FRIDAYS
 to further provide the building with a 3-day Cooling Off Period until further notice.  All business will be conducted via telephone, email or United States Postal Service. In addition, we have added a BLUE MAIL / DROP BOX (located outside the main entrance).
  • Drop off of any necessary paperwork (i.e. permit applications, payments, tax payments, licenses, etc.) will be available through the blue mail / drop box outside. All items must be in a sealed envelope, addressed to the proper department. If you wish your tax bill to be stamped “PAID”, enclose the entire tax bill with your payment, in addition to a SELF-ADDRESSED/STAMPED ENVELOPE so we can mail it back to you.  (Click here for quick department phone list if you need clarification) 
  • The Borough will be erring on the side of caution by closing to the public and canceling all inspections until further notice.
  • Inspections for the sale of residential homes and changes of tenancy are temporarily suspended until further notice. Please click here for more information.

• COURT6/09/20 - In response to the growing public health crisis in New Jersey involving the coronavirus, the Washington Township Municipal Court will start holding court sessions for those matters that are eligible to enter a plea by mail in lieu of a court appearance.  We ask that if you have a pending court matter in the Municipal Court to contact the office so we may provide you with the specific details.We continue to be in the office daily to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Please call 201-664-2488, if no one answers,  leave your name and number and we will return your call.  
Defendants also may continue to make payments through the municipal court online payment system at Updated information about municipal court closures is available at  

• UPDATE ON TOWNSHIP LIBRARY The Library is has begun re-opening Curbside pick up is available with new expanded hours.  For residents who are homebound, delivery will be available.   Please click here for further details.
• The Senior Center is CLOSED and senior recreation activities are canceled until further notice. 
• All recreation sports are suspended until further notice - visit the recreation page for updates here 
 - Parks and restrooms are open for recreational purposes. All facilities will be sanitized on a regular basis and social distancing and face coverings should be utilized.  Playgrounds are OPEN and sanitized daily - click here for safety data.

  • STATE & COUNTY PARKS / FORESTS RE-OPENED (with limitations) - Click here for the states facilities and here for all county facilities to view the current status and any limitations.

LATEST RESTRICTIONS RE OUTDOOR GATHERING AND INDOOR SPORTS as per Governor Murphy: Last Updated: 12/30/2020 Click here for details

Organized Sports

On January 2, indoor practices and competitions for organized sports may resume in accordance with health and safety protocols -- however, indoor interstate youth sports competitions continue to be prohibited in New Jersey. For more information, see Administrative Order No. 2020-25.

Under Executive Order No. 194, all interstate games and tournaments for indoor youth sports, up to and including high school, are prohibited until further notice. In addition, New Jersey, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have announced a regional commitment to suspend interstate hockey competitions for public and private schools and youth hockey through at least January 31, 2021.

This ban does not apply to collegiate or professional sports activities.

This ban also does not prohibit classes, lessons, trainings, or individual activities at gyms or recreational businesses, including dance, martial arts, or gymnastics studios. For more information, refer to this article.

As of January 2, contact practices and no-contact practices for sports defined as "Low Risk", "Medium Risk", and "High Risk" are permitted in both outdoor and indoor settings. Low-risk, non-contact sports include golf and tennis. Medium- and high-risk sports include baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, football hockey, judo, boxing, karate, wrestling, rugby, and group dance.

The Department of Health has issued updated guidance for sports activities.

Limits on Gatherings

Indoor Sports: On January 2, indoor practices and competitions for organized sports may resume in accordance with health and safety protocols -- however, indoor interstate youth sports competitions continue to be prohibited in New Jersey. For more information, see Administrative Order No. 2020-25.

Indoor practices and competitions are limited to 10 people. However, if the number of individuals who are necessary for practice or competition, such as players, coaches, and referees, exceeds 10, the practice or competition may proceed if no unnecessary individuals such as spectators are present. Even if this exception applies, the number of individuals at the practice or competition cannot exceed 25% of the capacity of the room, and such limit cannot exceed 150 persons.

Outdoor Sports: Outdoor competitions or tournaments must abide by the limit on outdoor gatherings, which is currently limited to 25 people. Athletes, coaches, referees and other individuals necessary for a professional or collegiate sports competition are not counted towards the 25-person limit. For other adult and youth sports occurring outdoors, the number of individuals necessary for a game or practice can exceed the 25-person limit, but only if no individuals who are not necessary for the event, such as spectators, are present.