PSEG Gas System Modernization Program

We would like to let residents know PSEG has informed the Township of Washington they will be once again working again with us on their Gas System Modernization Program (GSMP). They have listed some of the benefits of the program below and we have attached a map of the area they plan to work in (click on map to the right). We will post more specifics prior to work beginning once a start date is confirmed.

  1. Currently Township of Washington operates on a 1/4 psi gas system. This upgrade will provide 15 psi to the newly installed area.
  2.  At the higher pressure, there is much less likely chance of water infiltration into the pipes.
  3. The newer plastic pipes are less prone to leaks and breaks due to weather.
  4. Safety valves are installed at the head of each service to prevent gas flow in the event of gas service damage on the property.
  5. Gas meters will be moved outdoors to eliminate high pressure pipes inside homes.
  6. Outside gas meters also allow meter readers to read from outdoors.
  7. Outside gas meters allow for gas to be shut off in the event of an emergency. PSE&G will not enter a home without permission.
  8. All services within the replacement area will receive new plastic services, which will have the capacity to supply gas to any equipment or appliance.

For more information please visit here:

Street List - click here