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Washington Town Center History

With the simple social media share by residents a story unfolded that may have otherwise been forgotten. We are especially grateful to Mr. Tim Adriance (Vintage Bergen County - Facebook) for sharing additional photos and shedding light on the story of the Van Emburgh house torn down to make way for the parking lot of the expanded Washington Town Center in 1966 (originally built in 1959). While expansion and change are part of today's conversations, its important to remember, document and tell the stories of yesterday. 

In our photo gallery you will see three maps showing how the location of the Van Emburgh house was determined and where it sat prior to its demolition in 1966. If you take a look at the Walkers 1876 map overlay onto Google Earth you can see our major intersections, north and south of the home are noted with red arrows, and pushpins.  *The Van Emburgh house is circled in red as well.

On the next map you will see a yellow pushpin labeled "H. A. Van Emburgh" is placed at the location of the house on the overlay as well. Removing the overly you can view just the yellow pushpins which show the house to have been been in front of what is now the Fresh Grocer.  Mr. Adriance tells us it is important to remember the 1876 Atlas was not a survey map and the houses were placed in the close proximity. In his experince he tells us that the location of the mapped homes can sometimes be off by 100 feet or so on this map. 

Taking that into consideration, the fact that the cinder block building can be seen behind the house, and to the left, in the "front view image" - we can determine the location of the house was slightly south of where the overlay places it.

In addition to the confirmation of the Van Emburgh home, we also were able to document the property the house sat on in 1912 was owned by George Schlagel.  There were six structures on his property at that time - obviously providing good evidence of how the lake got its name although the spelling was slightly altered along the way. (another story :))

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Population and trade in the Township of Washington grew with the completion of the N.J. and N.Y. Railroad through the Pascack Valley in the decade following the Civil War. These changes heralded the idea for communities to have self-government. Between 1894 and 1909, the municipalities of Emerson, Westwood, Hillsdale, Woodcliff Lake, Rivervale, Park Ridge and Montvale applied to the state for charters allowing them to form new boroughs. The Township of Washington dwindled to a mere 3-1/4 square miles. By 1910, the Township had a population of 100. We have posted some early photos representing what our town looked like in the early days of development.

2020 WTPD Ceremonial Swearing in of Chief Skinner & Captain Calamari

At the January 20th Mayor and Council meeting, Chief Richard Skinner, and Captain John Calamari were officially sworn in.

Memorial Day Parade 2018

WTFD Ice Drill
On 1/16/18 Twp of Washington Fire Department conducted an ice drill on Schlegel Lake.  The Fire Department cut a hole in the ice and lowered a volunteer Fireman.  Several ongoing mock rescues were conducted.  Rescues were conducted by foot and by sled.  Local Boy and Cub Scouts were on hand to observe and learn from the drill.

2018 Swearing In Ceremony

Clark Field Tree Planting
Eleven Japanese Cherry Blossoms Trees, 2 Flowering Plum Trees and 8 Boxwood Bushes were donated by Township Residents and planted at Clark Field on Saturday May 20,2017. We want to thank the Twp. residents for their donation, Stone Mill Gardens, the WT Fire Dept, and Girl Scout Troop #'s  6026, 6679 & 6957, for helping to plant these beautiful trees and bushes. Click on the image or title to view photo gallery.

Memorial Day Parade 2014

Snow Pictures - 2014
Thank you to Jared  & Mary for providing us with some great shots of the Township after a winter storm in early February.

Cell Tower Installation
Installation of the cell tower now located at town hall.

Memorial Day Parade 2013
A special addition to this years parade was the inclusion of Chief for a Day.  This year Chief Randy Ciocco was "replaced" with Jackie Baez.  Please click on the gallery title to view all images from this years parade.

Super Bowl 2012
Congratulations to the Twp. of Washington Senior Falcons for beating Lodi 21 -14 this year in the 2012 NBJFL Super Bowl held in River Vale. For the first time in "Coach Spez's" career of coaching the recreation football program, his Seniors brought the championship trophy home.

Town Festival - 2012

WTFD Custom Car Show 2012
The Twp. of Washington's Fire Department held their Annual Antique Custom Car and Motorcycle Show on Sunday, June 20th at the Westwood Regional High School.  Held in the school parking lot, this event was great fun for the entire family, serving up music, hot dogs, hamburgers, awards, 50/50 and lots of great sites! Check out these awesome rides...

Memorial Day Parade - 2011
In case you missed it, here is a photo re-cap of the Twp. of Washington's Memorial Day Parade - 2011.

Town Day 2011 - Part 1

Town Day - Part II

Township Veterans Photo Album

As a special thank you to some of our own hometown veterans, we began a digital scrapbook years ago in their honor.  Please CLICK HERE  to view these telling images. If you would like to add a Township veteran to our collection, please contact Heather via email here

September 11th Memorial Service

The Township held a 9/11 Memorial Service to pay tribute to all our fallen firefighters, police, medical responders, and innocent victims of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. It is hard to believe that nine years have passed; it seems like yesterday that we heard those first unbelievable reports that a plane, then another plane, had crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, followed by a third airliner crashing into the Pentagon, and a fourth one crashing into afield in Pennsylvania.

The anniversary of the terrorist attacks offers a time to remember, to reflect about this unforgettable moment in history, and to reconsider the effect that September 11 has had on our country and the world.  

*Special thanks to Officer Castronova for photographing the event.

Golden Orchard

Northgate Resident