Resident Service Request Form

The Twp. of Washington's on-line service request form allows residents and visitors to request service, submit complaints & compliments, or make comments regarding the Twp. of Washington. You must submit your name, address, phone and an e-mail address so we can provide a response to your concerns. Photos and documents may also be uploaded (after you hit the submit button).
Please note the Township will work promptly to address or respond to each issue. Emergent issues will be given priority. In general, a person filling out this form should expect a response within 5 to 10 working days except as may be required by law, and certain issues may take a longer period of time to address. This electronic form is for NON-EMERGENCY problems, complaints, comments or concerns only. If immediate emergency services are needed, please dial 911.
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***If your concern is about a specific residence or property, you MUST provide the address of that residence or property in order for a code official to investigate. Please type the address below:
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