GSP Exit 171 Petition to Allow Right Hand Turns

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Dear Sir / Madam:
I am writing to ask for your help in resolving a very serious traffic safety problem and a hardship being caused by the “no right hand turn restriction” at the Garden State Parkway Exit 171.
As a result of this restriction, commuters saturate Parkway Exit 168 in order to proceed to several neighboring towns such as Hillsdale, Woodcliff Lake, Park Ridge, Saddle River, and Upper Saddle River.  There was so much queuing of cars causing a dangerous condition at the exit and on the Parkway itself, that the Highway Authority spent over a million dollars renovating the exit to provide two lanes to relieve this situation.  There is still unsafe queuing at the exit!  This situation does not even take into account the commuters making a left hand turn at GSP 168.  In addition, once the commuters leave Exit 168, they must travel east for about a mile-and-a half to the traffic light at the intersection of Pascack Road and Washington Avenue, make a left hand turn, and then proceed north to their destination.  This also delays commuters going east to Westwood, River Vale, Harrington Park, and other communities. 
The agreement in place for the “no right hand turn restriction” with Woodcliff Lake, Saddle River, Bergen County, and the Highway Authority needs to be voided to better accommodate current levels of traffic and lift the unfair hardship and burden on the Township of Washington and the surrounding communities.  The unfair burden experienced every day includes additional cost of police services, additional ambulance and fire calls, noise, wear and tear on local roads accessed during accidents and as “cut throughs” to the traffic, and the general welfare of the citizens in our residential community that is not a home to the large corporate entities.  Removing the “no right hand turn restriction” is the answer!
Thank you for your time and consideration.  You will be helping the northern area of Bergen County to provide a safer and more efficient way of travel for the commuters and to rectify this inequitable situation.  We are counting on you!
  • Unfair burden is placed on the residents of the Twp. Of Washington with regard to excessive traffic, noise, additional expense of police services, additional ambulance and fire calls, and wear and tear on local roadways as commuters accessing cut-through streets.
  • Towns that benefit from corporate taxes should bear the burden of the traffic.
  • Many meetings have taken place in the last few years with officials from Bergen County, the State Highway Authority, and even Woodcliff Lake to try to rectify this situation.  Both the Highway Authority and Bergen County have been willing to work toward removing the “no right hand turn” restriction.
  • Woodcliff Lake would not even agree to removal of the restriction on a trial basis when offered by the County.
  • Documentation for accidents and vehicles traveling through the intersection is available.
  • Documentation for traffic patterns are also well documented by the entities.
  • Motorists unable to make the right-hand turn continue traveling until they are able to make an unsafe U-turn in the middle of the roadway.